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• Created to imitate mayfly nymphs and smaller stonefly nymphs with a 2 extra strong curved nymph hook, heavy tungsten B.H., soft hackled C.D.C., micro crystal flash, micro flex floss legs and a flash-back wing case to land fish up to 25lbs.
Light Olive: sparkle olive body for matching insects in that category; bwo, pmd, flavs, green drakes, etc.
Olive Pheasant Tail: proven hatch matcher for bwo, pmd, flavs, green drakes etc.
Purple: new sparkle purple body color that attracts fish.
Pheasant Tail: #1 mayfly fish slayer of all time.
Red Headed: if red is your color this attractor covers all the bases.
Silver: yes holographic silver attractor a must have.
Warrior: highly reflective flashy pearl colored attractor.

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OlivePT, PheasantTail, Purple, RedHeaded, Silver, Warrior, YellowOlive


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