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SKU: 15442 Alternate Lookup: SR-SSLP-001 Manufacturer: Spirit River, Inc.


Exclusive Spirit River UV2 enhanced product. Perhaps the longest soft style saddle commercially offered and very expensive if you can even find them. Excellent for pike, Muskie and billfish patterns.
These run 6 to 8 inches long and a few even longer. All are UV enhanced over natural bronze black providing a subtle iridescent color. These are perfect for large silhouettes on saltwater patterns and because of the soft nature of these they swim like crazy. These are great for salmon/steelhead hackle. But even better for pike or articulated monster flies.
They like to use them as a base for a strong profile and add just a few regular schlappen or saddles for color. They use these on 75% of their steelhead flies too! Try them and you will really like them.

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